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Selling for a Salesperson

Kate and Leo had had enough of maintaining their single-family home and decided to move to a condo for a maintenance-free lifestyle. Kate had some prior real estate experience, so she had some high expectations for whoever listed her home. Watch her story and see how we did.

Michele's Antique

Michele owned an antique home that she absolutely loved, but life happens and she needed to move out of state. Even though she was moving on, she really wanted someone who was going to "respect" the character of the home as she did. Watch her story and learn how I found her the perfect buyer.

Selling Mom and Dad's Home

Pam's parents had recently moved into an assisted living facility, so Pam and her siblings needed to sell their parents home to help pay the costs. This sale was all about the money, but not in a greedy way. Assisted living is extremely expensive and this home was the parent's nest egg. I worked with the family to help them sell their home for the highest amount possible while putting the least amount of money into it, so they could maximize the return for their parents. Watch Pam tell the story.

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